Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Modern life and its associated stresses have aggravated our mental wellbeing.  Brain is just another organ of the body and undergoes temporary or permanent loss of some function under environmental, emotional, genetic, microbial, aging, or physical stressors.  Several solutions exist, ranging from better living environment, better relations, specific medicines, smart devices, and therapies etcetera to restore normal function. We should remove taboo and solve a much needed problem, like we attempt to solve all other health problems.

We are making people aware of taking care of themselves and their near and dear ones, through on ground campaigns, social media campaigns, movies, teaching in schools, universities, businesses, books, blogs, podcasts, and designing apps.  Any merchandise being sold in the process is being used to pay creators and all remaining revenue is being put to develop epilepsy prediction, detection, intervention, and medicines.  In addition, we are also using several other products, not related to mental health that are designed by the team to also fund epilepsy solutions.

This campaign is being run in collaboration with