Educating the 4th Industrial Revolution, a dollar a course

Ours is a mission to transform the world for better. As the world ushers in the 4th Industrial Revolution, led by Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Biotechnology, Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery and Automation, new skills are needed. This platform is designed to help you unlearn all that you learned in school and skill up for the current century’s needs.

Upskill yourself for just a dollar. Every course here costs you just One US dollar (0.85 Euros or 75 Indian Rupees), so that you’re ready for the 4th industrial revolution without emptying your pockets.

Current Courses

COVID-19 Health & Safety for Frontline Health Workers by Dr. Garima Shrivastava
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AI in Infectious Diseases by Dr. Sukant Khurana.
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Upcoming Courses